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>The natural man is always around
Telling us ways to improve
But this self-focus just gets us down
It is the Spirit that helps one to move

In the battle of negative thought
Remember Jericho’s wall
Through daily habit the battle was fought
Make a circle of faith and see what will fall…

And put yourself in light

Get on your Knees
With humble pleas
Then forget yourself and serve with might

Changing Our Focus from Self to Christ
By Darla Isackson
June 03 2011

here are some great suggestions: ( I add my own- meditate and write poetry from anything good or praiseworthy. Watch Mormon Messages, Conference, etc.)
Remember the story of Joshua and the Lord’s command to march around the city of Jericho for seven days? Only after they obeyed that command and fulfilled that daily repetition did the Lord give them the victory. Here are some of the ways I walk around my Jericho cities, all the while praying for God’s victory—that He will break down the dark walls of negative thoughts and obstacles to spiritual progress and help me overcome the natural man:

1.First, I acknowledge and express whatever I’m thinking that might be holding me back: I cry out to the Lord, holding nothing back. Sometimes I spill my negative thoughts out on paper . . . maybe scribbling over the words, crunching the paper or burning it.
2.Next, I review in my mind what I have to be grateful for—what I still have and can still do. I list positives to remind me of good times and faith-affirming events.
3.I say to myself, “I choose the light. I choose the light. I choose the light.”
4.I remind myself of God’s love by saying out loud, “I know the Lord loves me.”
5.Sometimes I play and/or sing gospel hymns. (I can “sing” hymns in my mind no matter where I am. The hymns have a tangible power to bring back the sweetness of the Holy Spirit.)
6.When I sense darkness encroaching, I say in my mind or out loud when I’m alone, “STOP! Satan, you are a liar and I won’t believe your lies.”
7.I put favorite scriptures and thoughts in page protectors to read when I’m in the tub, when I’m resting, anytime. I memorize my favorites so I can repeat them in my mind to displace negative thoughts.
8.At times I visualize Jesus putting a shield of light all around me, protecting me from Satan’s fiery darts and lies.
9.I also like to visualize the Savior assuring me that He is aware of my sorrows, good desires, of every thought of my heart. I see the darts (lies, and anything else I need to be protected from) hitting the shield and sliding down and being absorbed by Mother Earth, thus weakening Satan’s power. (I know that if I let the darts and lies in, they can steal my energy and carry it back to Satan to increase his power over me.)
10.Finally, I visualize Jesus holding out His arms, offering a welcoming embrace.

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