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Jesus Christ is the Son of Man
The Redeemer of mankind
I want you to know above all
He is always on my mind

Perfectly, He suffered for us
He died, was buried, and rose again
I know He is a voice to trust
Always, I think of Him as a friend

I want to follow Him in word and deed
And give service in His name
I want to help those who are in need
As He has done for me the same



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>We are Christians
It is true
With a mission
To love and do

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>Strengthen the foundation
Of Christianity today
Be the generation
That reminds the world to pray

Ever the highest blessing
Must be sought out through prayer
As to God we’re expressing
The need of His highest care

Prayer is a form of work
Of which we must not overlook
While sharing of God’s word
Written within each holy book

Be a righteous example
Day by day, hour by hour
Be a light precious to sample
As evidence of God’s power

Real happiness and peace
Comes through faithful living
Let charity increase
Through kind acts you are giving

‘Be the greatest,’ Elder L. Tom Perry urges
Sunday, March 6, 2011
By Marianne Holman, LDS Church News


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