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The lovely family had but one old trunk
They set it down and all heard it kuplunk
In weariness they sat upon its top
Their journey for a moment had to stop

The mother held three and the father four
By the looks of a bump there would be more
After a while, one by one they stood up
A cry for dinner was answered, “enough!”

There was a motion, a heave, and a stoop
Three children on one end, on went the group
When they had passed the crowd, the father spoke,
“For the night, we’ll stop at that farthest oak”

Into the darkness, no one said a word
Only the little footsteps could be heard
Out of the trunk came blankets and dinner
A grocery sack, a jug of milk… thinner

Sandwiches were passed, they ate in silence
They huddled to sleep, Father the highest
And that is when I could take it no more
For at least in my home, there was a warm floor

I called my wife to prepare for some guests
And that they were hungry still, was my guess
The next thing was very hard to do
I called out, “Dear family, I want to help you.”

“Just for the night, because it is Christmas.”
One by one they came, and Father was the last
His head bent in shame, with tears I could see
I said, “We are all part of God’s family.”

I helped with the trunk, the way was not far
And it seemed in the sky, a twinkle in that star
Many lights were on, music could be heard
Then, I heard the children to themselves, whisper

We have left our home, three long days ago
Father had a good job, he wanted me to know
But nearly a year ago it had been lost
For a trip to family, they’d naught for the cost

To ask for money, pride stood in the way
They’d so many seats to buy, t’was all he could pay
They were going to wait for morning’s light
To complete their journey, t’would take one more night

It was then that I asked, what work did he do?
It was what I did and I needed some help too!
The money was good, though the hours were long
From the size of his trunk, I knew he was strong

The smile on his face, it grew and it beamed!
He became inches taller or at least it seemed
We could not doubt the mercy of our Lord
His gift to us, on this night He is adored


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