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How do we show commitment
To our Savior, Jesus Christ?
But by keeping all our covenants
And giving love and sacrifice

Consecrate thine efforts
To our Savior, Jesus Christ
In all things He supports
Through the asking and the price

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
Ensign May 2012, 19


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>To consecrate
Is to set apart
And not deviate
From what lay in your heart

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>The young ruler seeking to prove he was good
Came to the Lord explaining his best
Thinking he’d done all that he should
Then, for humility, he was put to the test

For the sake of the Kingdom of God
Could he give up all that he had
His worldly possessions and all
To follow the Savior and be glad

Silence seemed to go on too long
Truly t’was something he’d never considered
His head dropped down, he would not prove strong
As to his treasures he surrendered

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