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Give yourself some private time
And ask, “What do I truly want?”
Then commit to live your life
Aligned with goals up front.

 This was lifesaving advice for me years ago. I had not been by myself – away- to just listen, ponder my whole life and my trapped state. Counseling is a way back to find yourself and to get back on your path.
I sat in the countryside and heard sounds of my childhood. Birds, wind, nature and found healing and peace.

The Mission and Ministry of the Savior:A Discussion with Elder Russell M. Nelson 2005


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I caught myself venting
In repetitive thought
Thus I was preventing
Forgetting as I ought

The emotions that were real
Linger around to make sense
But in order to learn and heal
I must put thoughts to them, hence

I have learned that “harping” over things is not really thinking at all- but being limbic and recycling emotions.

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>When everything has gone wrong
Let not your vision go askew
Look within hard and long
Seek for the broader view

For among all humanity
There’s joy despite mistakes
Regain your lost sanity
Looking to God is all it takes

If you stress out your precious mind
It will function without reason
Regain Christ’s peace and you will find
Life’s lesson for this season

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