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Cross Yourself

Cross yourself in all things.
Do not take the path
Where a sinful thought brings
Darkness where you’re at.

Cross your fingers that you not point,
Your eyes that you not lust
Cross yourself at every joint!
Focus on Christ and trust

Contradict every dark thought
Which takes you down that path
Where, of truth, you know not
Seek light where ever you are at

  1. Scripture Insight: Book of Mormon Word Usage: To Cross Oneself 


    Brigham Young University Homepage. Maxwell Institute  Oh, remember, and take it upon you, and cross yourself in these things.” The reflexive use of the verb 

  2. 2. Using the Book of Mormon to Meet Today’s Challenges 


    After more than thirty-two years of teaching and studying the Book of Mormon, I have gained …. To “cross yourself” means to stop, cancel, and erase the effects of 


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