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Our faith in God above
Is the fruit of experience
Daily we need His love
As He blesses obedience

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The bread of eternal life
The substance to sanctify
Is in the person of Jesus Christ
Who changes us over time

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Sometimes I am so hungry
But I don’t know what I need
Something in me is empty
Perhaps there is more to feed!

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The Prophet Joseph Smith
Is our special witness
Of the resurrected Christ
Whom he had seen in light

As one called, he restored the gospel
Through the priesthood this was possible
And through modern day revelation
We’ve the Book of Mormon translation

He built temples, the veil was parted
Then, with his own blood, as a martyr
He died as a personal witness
Of the work we are left to finish

“With a Spirit-derived assurance in place, you can go forward in the Lord’s work and continue deepening your relationship with your Heavenly Father while pursuing or awaiting answers. If you determine to sit still, paralyzed until every question is answered and every whisper of doubt resolved, you will never move because in this life there will always be some issue pending, things yet unexplained.”

Elder Christofferson said that “Joseph Smith’s prophetic calling is key to our religion.” Yet even with his large contributions, he is not its foundation — Jesus Christ is the foundation, and it is His Crucifixion and Resurrection that every other element of God’s plan for the salvation of His children is built upon.
Elder Christofferson shared three ways the Prophet Joseph Smith is the great latter-day revelator of Jesus Christ — his personal witness of the Savor’s Resurrection, his translation and publication of the Book of Mormon and through sealing his testimony with his own blood.
“Among mortals, the Lord Jesus Christ has had no surer witness, no more committed disciple, no more loyal advocate than Joseph Smith, His prophet, seer and revelator. By his personal witness of the resurrected Savior, … [he] has laid before the world the preeminent revelation of Jesus Christ for our time.”

The Prophet Joseph the great ‘latter-day revelator’

Learning from the teachings of leader guides people to Christ
Published: Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013 Rexberg Idaho

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I was standing in my office
Having prayed for Christ’s sweet peace
When I came to know His purpose:
To overcome, that evil cease

I thought I saw before me
A covered immense pit
One corner lifted slightly
For a dark brief instant

The depth of evil, the vastness
Caused me to fall back, overcome
I collapsed, quite shocked and breathless
And cried silently to the Son

How can we ever come to hope?
Or survive such vast darkness?
While injustices are shown…
Ought they, forever, to harm us?

Then, these words came to my mind
“Be of good cheer, I have overcome”
For God, the world, and  mankind!

Jesus has marked the path and won!

Juxtaposed from evil
I felt peace rise, to judge well
With a love for all people…
There is a way out of hell

I felt deeper appreciation
For the intensity of suffering
Of the Lord, for our salvation…
And, was overwhelmed by this offering!

I felt peace in His power
To repair, reclaim, and cleanse
To save us in that hour
Good WILL triumph in the end!

I was standing in front of a chair in my office pleading with the Lord to help me understand how such evil could have been perpetrated. I did not see but rather sensed an immense pit with a covering over it. One corner of the covering was lifted slightly for just an instant, and I perceived within the pit the depth and vastness of the evil that exists in this world. It was greater than I could really comprehend. I was overcome. I collapsed into the chair behind me. The experience seemed to take my breath away. I cried silently, “How can we ever hope to overcome such evil? How can we survive something so dark and overwhelming?”

In that moment there came to my mind this phrase: “Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Seldom have I felt such peace juxtaposed with the reality of evil. I felt a deeper appreciation for the intensity of the Savior’s suffering and had a better, even frightening, appreciation for the depth of what He had to overcome. I felt peace for the man who was before us for judgment, knowing he had a Redeemer, whose grace was sufficient to cleanse him and also repair the injustices he had suffered. I knew better that good will triumph because of Jesus Christ, whereas without Him we would have no chance. I felt peace, and it was very sweet.


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The gospel is a plan of freedom

Where appetites are in check
Our behavior becomes wholesome

As we let Christ’s light direct

The gospel, said President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008), “is a plan of freedom that gives discipline to appetite and direction to behavior.”1 This plan puts us on a path of increasing knowledge and capacity, increasing grace and light. It is the freedom to become what you can and ought to be. But for your freedom to be complete, you must be willing to give away all your sins (see Alma 22:18), your willfulness, your cherished but unsound habits, perhaps even some good things that interfere with what God sees is essential for you.

—D. Todd Christofferson, “You Are Free
Topics: AgencyObedience

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>The final outcome
And purpose of life
Is to become
Like Jesus Christ

Our measure of stature
Must be in fulness
The changing of nature
Is ever a process


We struggle in labor
For strength to survive
Then through our deliverer
We are sanctified

The burden once heavy
Becomes light to bear
The experience heavenly
Through faith, made aware

“As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten”
Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Ensign, May 2011

“Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith.

“Nevertheless—whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day. Yea, and thus it was with this people” (Mosiah 23:21–22).

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