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An angel of the Lord
May visit at your death,
Send you through a bright door,
and help you recollect…

Some day we will all be brought “home” to our God to be judged.  Both body and spirit will be reunited for perfect recollection of our guilt.  The Savior will have atoned for that which we have repented of and it will be remembered “no more”….
A common occurrence in near death experiences is to have your whole life flash before you.


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>I held your hand
So thin and frail
And felt as if
I touched the veil

I knew the moment
You had gone
You left this world
Yet still live on

Mom share with me the sacred experience of being with Uncle Bill during his passing and said she felt like she touched the veil when she touched his hand. And knew he would be gone in minutes.

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>There is a bond
Created through this care
That goes far beyond
What in life we share

We are not left alone
To serve, bathe, and feed
For our loved one is known
By the angels indeed

The comfort of angels
Awaits and tends our dead
As life and death dangles
On a very thin thread

Through a fatal disease
Angels come and attend
Helping pain ease
Death IS NOT the end

Thus is this bond
I have heard called sweet
As we feel what’s beyond
Heaven and earth DO meet

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