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In a fallen world
Many ills afflict
‘Robbing us of worth’….
A lie we must reject
For… God’s love is perfect!
Hold on, hope on
Believe in the day
Where joy will dawn
And…gloom will fall away
And all will be okay!
May one spark of hope
Flicker all about
And brighten your home
Ridding you of doubt
A lit seed can sprout!
Like the ancient palm seed
That was dormant two-thousand years
A trigger is what you need
That the dark thoughts, in Christ’s light, clears
That life and hope in you appears
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Like a Broken Vessel
 Ensign, November 2013
  1. Ancient Date Palm Grown From 2,000-Year-Old Seed Blossoms …

    A 2,000 year old date palm seed from Herod the Great’s fortress that was planted in 2005 has just blossomed for the third time.


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When your day is wrapped in darkness
And your night is filled with pain
The Lord’s light is still there to harness
For enlightenment to gain

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