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My mom shared such an inspiring story of the family flying a kite for Betty who was dying of cancer.  I thought I would share my thoughts.  God bless.

The kite went high and danced about. 
It brought her joy to see them out. 
She knew they flew it just for her. 
A tender moment to offer. 
It lifted her spirit to see it soar. 
To wonder on life and look up once more.  
The sky was full of light, the breeze- fresh air.  
And the tender mercy of God was there! 

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Try as hard as you may
To not think about dying
It will still come, some day
There is no denying

It comes to the young
The aged, the sick
The pick of the throng
The halting and quick

We have come from heaven
To return there someday
This mortal life given
Is the path… the way

LDS.org – Liahona Article – May We So Live


Next >; Print; E-mail. Thomas S. Monson, “May We So Live,” Liahona, Aug 2008, 2–7 Death is one fact that no one can escape or deny. Frequently death

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If today were my last
What would I do?
Let this day simply pass
Telling all, “I love you!”

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