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At the apogee of His agony
As He lay suffering upon the cross
He cried, “My God, why has Thou forsaken me?”
And knew the pain of a soul that’s lost

Ensign April 1997
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
“Enduring Well”


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One bright Easter Sunday
A father and son went for a walk
They heard some ducks along the way
T’was the momma duck and her flock

Further in the distance
Along a grassy marsh
The father with insistance
Called forth a duck to march

The little duck was amused
And thought it was a game
To a slow current he cruised
The father called out again…

Suddenly the duckling
Was caught in a stream
Even the father was struggling
And made a choice, it would seem

He turned to his family
And helped the mother out
Life resumed happily
Though this duckling was not about

The boy said, “We must save him!”
The father, too, agreed
It was not safe to swim
But he knew what they would need
They ran to the garage
Where the fishing gear was stored
The net they found was large…
They’d much and were never bored

By the stream, with one on each side,
They tossed this net back and forth
The baby duckling could not hide…
It was cornered as it clamored 

They made a race up the stream
To where the ducks had been
There along some reeds still green
A bit of yellow could be seen

They lowered the net just right
That the duckling could be found
They stayed back just out of sight
Not making a bit of sound

It was quite a reunion
The rescue was complete
And for that father and son
Not an Easter could compete

To do for another
What can’t be done by one’s self
Teaches of love like no other
And it feels good to be of help 

Never give up
When one has gone wayward
They can get unstuck
Like this poor stray bird 

Let your cries be heard
Share of how you feel
Have faith, in deed and word
Know the Lord is real

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He Did It!

The Savior took sin
As stripes upon His back
He carried the cross
Knowing the strength we lack

He let Himself be stuck
And nailed to a tree
He did this for each of us
That our souls, He could free

Life does resume
Beyond the grave
He arose from the tomb
Mighty to save

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Jesus Is Laid in a Tomb

They carried His body to a disciples tomb
And wrapped Him carefully in clean cloth
They had to leave for the Sabbath was soon
And sealed up the sepulchre with a rock

So no false claims could be made
Several guards watched at the wall
But they became sore afraid…
An earthquake scattered them all

Suddenly angels of the Lord
Descended down from heaven
And sat upon this fallen door
Their watch keep now given

Mary Magdalene and one, Mary
Came to prepare the body at dawn
Instead they were given a message to carry:
He is not here, for He is risen- He lives on!

They looked and saw the place where He had once lay
He had risen, He was gone, just as they had said
They were given to tell the disciples and without delay
As He left for Galilee, and was already ahead

Oh how they ran to bring His disciples word
At the news fear and great joy filled their hearts
They marvelled to see the resurrected Lord!
Each wanting to do what was asked as their part

Matthew 27

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Jesus was scourged in a torturous cage
And a scarlet robe was placed upon His back
Then in the common hall He was put on stage
Crowned with platted thorns and a reed for a staff

They bowed at the knee and hailed, “King of the Jews!”
Mocking they spit and smote the reed to His head
Then, they sent Him off with His cross bearing His news
Too painfully slow, it was carried by Cyrene instead

They came to a place known to look like a skull
And nailed Him to and lifted up the cross
They gave Him vinegar sickly mingled with gall
And parted His garments to cast them by lots

Then sitting below they watched Him in pain
People passed by and reviled all He had said
Mocking His powers as one mighty to save
Till the ninth hour, He spoke.  It was sacred….

He cried a prayer to our Father above
As He had been forsaken for our guilt
That was more painful than we could ever dream of….
Then, He gave up the ghost as this pain was stilled

Matt 27:26-50

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When morning had come Jesus was bound
And brought before Pontius Pilate
Many questions were asked, but naught could be found
When the crowd heard, they became violent

Now because of the feast they all had a say
Of one who would be allowed to go free
It was another they chose- Barabas on that day
Saying Jesus was guilty of blasphame

They clearly prevailed, for the tumult they made
Pontius called for water as was the Jewish custom
Thus before one and all, he washed his hands of the blame
And the people said, “His blood be upon us and our children.”

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With torches lit for the long night
Jesus was brought before Caiaphas
Fully prepared to prove they were right
The Chief Priests called forth witnesses

What was said was nothing new
But was taken out of context
Clothing was rent, anger grew
Jesus was treated with contempt

“What think ye?” the High Priest looked on
Wanting to end the trial taking place
One by one Jesus was spit upon
Too, He received blows upon His face

Meanwhile, without, Peter could not sleep
He paced, distraught, fully in despair
Was he not with the man of Galilee?
He was asked of the people there

But he denied the Lord three times cursing with an oath:
“I know not know the man! …what thou sayest! I do not know the man!”
Then suddenly he mourned the sound of the first cock crow
Resounding Christ’s alarm: Watch out! Have faith! Flee from the temptors’ hand!

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