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Meridian Magazine – A Profound Prayer: A 12-Year-Old Learns How to Learn – Meridian Magazine – LDS, Mormon and Latter-day Saint News and Views

How can I learn
Except I turn
To acquire information
And seek a transformation

First, I must desire
What builds to inspire
Next, I must detect
Its path to connect

Then, make it a date
To participate
In a tone of respect
For progress to inspect


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If I am to reach
A child’s mind today
First, I must teach
Earn respect always

Read a poem that was written around 150 years ago by Eliza R. Snow.  It is a gem…

The Transformation

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We say a drill
Before each lesson
Then sing a song
For that book of question

Papers are passed
By column or row
Then we write out
Neatly what we know

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Make the brain bright
With channels deep
With knowledge wide
To share and keep

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You can grow a smarter brain
And nurture what you’ve got
Through the Holy Ghost to gain
Further light to be taught

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On Task

You plead and you ask
That each thought be on task
To instill in the end
A desire to win

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You are your family’s treasure
More valuable than gold
And it has been my pleasure
To watch your growth unfold

Thoughts on what it is like to work with children and to realize each are their parent’s treasure.

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