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Face the gale force winds
That stand in your way.
Be not one who bends
From truth, do not sway.

Be NOT moved
Elaine S. Dalton


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Young Kristina stood
And looked out to sea.
She well understood
 Her destiny.

It was a very hard thing
To leave her family
Midst opposition blowing
 She stood firm, happily.

Kristina, the name
Means , ” Follower of Christ”
All alone, she came
Following His light.

First, she crossed the ocean
To then cross barren land;
Out of pure devotion
For Zion, there to stand.

Be NOT Moved
Elaine S. Dalton
May Ensign, 2013

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Golden, you’ve put a smile on each face
And transfered energy for life’s race
You’ve set us on a course filled with light
To the Savior with our virtues bright

Anyone want to thank Sister Dalton for her energy and leadership?

click on label below to see poems she has inspired through the years.

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As I went forward
He held out his hand
His wife said not a word
Her smile was grand
I told him about me
Our eyes did not part
I spoke of my family
He looked in my heart
Then, taking his wife’s hand
He said, “This is my queen!”
And now I understand
What deep beauty does mean
Her hair, white, was a crown
Her eyes sparkled, bejeweled
Through goodness endowed
Of the best she was schooled
Optimism and trust showed
She knew who she was
From within she just glowed
For that’s what a queen does
Since then I have sought
Knowledge and virtue
From the best I’ve been taught
For I want to be like her too

Sister Elaine S. Dalton tells of how she learned as a young woman what true beauty means. As a young woman, you were born to be a queen.

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Tenderly, I held you
When you came to be
Watching, I was there too
For your name and blessing

You wore a little dress
All lacy and white
And I must confess
You have grown up right

Here, now, sitting
Inside the sealing room
With a chandelier lighting
You are a brilliant bloom

Kneeling at the alter
Making promises
Unto Heavenly Father
Amidst witnesses

In a mirror before, then
With your eternal companion by your side
You both speak of those in heaven
And those awaiting this earth time

Oh, the wondrous beauty of
Each woman found with virtue
Precious spirits wait above
These guardians of the future

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