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Our heritage
Came of sacrifice
Through faith and courage
For a better life

Preserved to labor
They carved, for us, a trail
A path to the Savior
Where “all is well”

Let us do the same
For our children’s children
In our Lord’s name
Let us persevere for them

persevered against injustice, misunderstanding, some intolerance, occasional bigotry, occasional racism, against differences of custom and traditions and faith, [and] labored against all of that to carve out for us, their descendants, the wonderful day and the marvelous miraculous time in which we live

Elder Holland said. “We owe the same pioneering, persevering legacy to our children and our children’s children.”

Elder Holland spoke at the Ogden (Utah) Pioneer Days Devotional at the Dee Events Center at Weber State University on July 17, 2011, and encouraged individuals to work together while respecting and emulating their diverse pioneer heritage in their communities today.

“People working together are more successful, more prosperous and much more happy than neighborhoods or ethnic groups or religious faiths that are suspicious of one another, threatened by one another, and all too often hostile, even violent, toward one another,” he said.


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