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Rekindle once again
The spirit that you felt
From Jesus Christ, our friend
Through the sacrament

“Come unto me,” He says
Into His arms of love
Be encircled always
In succor from above

Come Unto Me
President Henry B. Eyring
April 2013

succor- fulfilling the things you really need


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The highest way to pay tribute
To one who has passed through the veil
Is to express deep gratitude
For the life that they lived so well

While it is a time of sorrow
Gladness can be felt that is rich
From memories we can borrow

Abiding lessons that enrich

President Henry B. Eyring said that, “While this is a time of sorrow, it is also a time gladness for Sister Monson had a rich and rewarding life. The highest tribute to those who have passed through the veil is not grief, but gratitude.”

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“There was no chink in her armor;
there was no guile in her soul; 
there was no flaw in her character.”
She completed her role.

Meridian Magazine – Sister Frances J. Monson Celebrated as “Great Lady and a True Woman of Zion” – Meridian Magazine – LDS, Mormon and Latter-day Saint News and Views

President Henry B. Eyring quoted President Monson, who said of her, “There was no chink in her armor; there was no guile in her soul; there was no flaw in her character.”

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Create a gift of love
A treasure to unveil
That shares of Christ above
With His warmth that cannot fail

Where a flood of light
Can warm your home and heart
Keep it within sight
And from it never part

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Through each trial, I have benefited
From blessings given with perfect love
For greater things I am being fitted
To eternal things above

You, too, are being fitted
For greater things above
Having benefited
From what strength’s made of

Through faith in Jesus Christ
All we face can be a blessing
Like unto peaks we climb
There are rules for stressing

Endure, well, the climb
With solid footing
Reaching, all the time
Always looking

Mountains to Climb
President Henry B. Eyring
Ensign, May 2012, 23

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Out of a desire
To know of strength
To prayer, I retired
And asked, at length…
Humbly, not to be blessed
But to feel the Lord’s hand
To be given a test
And become something grand
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
The answers were near
I felt in me… promise
Then, within days
There was no denying
Of the Lord’s ways
….a moment, defining
My heart nearly burst
Tears swelled and I prayed
The challenge, the worst
On my knees, I stayed
So personal my need,
My trial, my tutor
It rooted faith’s seed
Deeply to my Savior
I sought for the balm
Found of Gilead
Peace came, I felt calm
I knew I’d been led
I resolved there to climb
Each mountain I’d face
Though lonely, at times
With pain to embrace
I wanted to endure
And become something great
Through faith I was sure
God’s love would compensate
I know bounds are set
To what can combine
I know too, to repent
To hold on, realign
The rod of His mouth
His wrath, and His anger
Have awoke me from doubt
To this, I am no stranger
Once suffering sore
To rise through and above
To come to the Lord
And witness His love
Where wisdom unfolds
From the choices then made
With a foundation of gold
Where, more can be laid
The refining process
Is painful, indeed
But this marks my progress
And grounds me in need
All that is in place, surely must cure
To be of service
To last and endure
For a higher purpose
Much is required
I must remain humble
For faith can expire
And belief can crumble
The heartache, pain, is as death
I feel polished for my role
Crying out, gasping for breath
I find the Lord, speaks to my soul
Yes, I know that my strength
Is not of my own
For without Him, I would stray
And fall, all alone
Who can I forgive?
And share of His light?
My best, His to give
Wholesome and bright
Mountains to Climb
President Henry B. Eyring
Ensign, May 2012, 23
Pondering at 3:00 am (grieving- to be honest) what I had written on the Ensign I lost at the airport.  Rushing left me unaware, I have lost what I had hoped to share. Maybe it was found and not thrown away.  In Las Vegas, to travel or to stay.

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The trials that we know
Are as mountains to ascend
Each step will help us grow
If we’ve faith, blessings descend

It is easy to lose courage
As we cannot see ahead
Thus at each peak and ridge
We seek our progress instead

More along the way
Time stretches out…to think
For patience we pray
Lest in our hearts we sink

Oft the path is steep
And the winds howl long
The ravines dark and  deep
 Remind us to hold on

There are trails to skip
Our path is but straight
It is easy to slip
And then go astray

The more we ascend
Faith and strength does grow
For where we have been
We can see… and know

Pondering President Henry B Erying
Mountains to Climb
April 2012 General Conference

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