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>Prior to His second coming
Our Lord has restored His word
Preparing us for what’s forthcoming
As through the Spirit it is heard

Through a line of Apostles and Prophets
We’ve new revelation and scripture
Which have been recorded for our profit
To help us prepare well and endure

Upon this continent, centuries ago
There lived a people chosen of God
Who preserved their record- that we might know
God’s word is for holding as a rod

Their record, made on plates of metal
Was buried in a hill nearby
Starting from the days of babel
They were last sealed up by Moroni

His final message was meant for us
As he’d seen a vision of our day
And as he knew our greatest weakness
He warns us of what will come our way

Like his people newly destroyed
We must beware of what might snare
As pride is what we should avoid
For the natural man is found there

He testifies of the appearance
Of Jesus Christ to this land
A second witness for adherence
Of God’s laws, He helps us understand

They had seen the star of Bethlehem
And felt the earth groan at His death
He truly then came and spoke to them
And taught God’s laws and precepts

The book contains a special promise
That if we pray, we might know
The sacredness of its witness
That to the seeker it does show

Through this nation destined to be free
The priesthood was restored
That with the spred of liberty
We have temples unto our Lord

Let us ever be watchful
Of conspiracies today
Without freedom all would be awful
Let us self educate and pray

The path of losing the peace we know
Involves an insidious plan
Of getting power and gain to overthrow
The freedoms of each land

First, we must awake to our judges
Who can usurp power and destroy
Our rights, freedoms, and even justice
While limiting the pursuits we enjoy

Let us not be apologetic
Of our faith, hopes, and dreams
Being righteous and not apathetic
Let us insist on sovereignty

Let us each lean more to God
For the answer to our needs
While holding to the iron rod
And enjoying where that leads

Let us look to that perfect day
When our Lord will return again
And be to all the Word and Way
With evil coming to an end


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