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The closer  you are
The less you will see
A call takes you far…
You miss FAMILY!


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I Am Home

It takes years for a house
To become a place you call home
For each room to arouse
Feelings of love, filled with hope

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The empty chair remains
Though its presence pains
A child has gone astray
Choosing another way

On the chair, a Band-aid
Leaves the message, “we care”
“Come visit us some day”
“We have a feast to share”

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Just ignore it
There’s one, so take turns
Do not throw a fit
Come on, use your words

Go find a “cool off” spot
Write it down for later
Ask nicely that they stop
Work it out together

Be a good friend
Say what you want
Know in the end
You, you must confront

Anyone ready for summer time sibling episodes?
Maybe- “Make good choices” sums it up.

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Help your family stay afloat
Create a house of order
Rescue those gone overboard
Believe in one another

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Home is not a place
It’s a feeling,
It’s a warm embrace,
Safe for healing

Home is where you are known
Life’s memories lie there
It is where love is shown
And you let down your hair

 Prather, California 

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There is nothing quite like
Seeing a family grow
In faith, hope, truth, and light
And to the temple GO!

The Mission and Ministry of the Savior:A Discussion with Elder Russell M. Nelson 2005

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