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You are so very like that father
That everyone speaks well of
For you help us like no other
You have taught us how to love

Whenever there is a need,
You labor and plan things out
In your pockets you’ve dug deep
To find what you need about

You’ve survived all our mood swings
Frantic frenzies and panic attacks
For this we give you our thanks
For of a better dad we could never ask!

“Let us reflect gratitude for ourfathers.
“Father, like Mother, is ever willing to sacrifice his own comfort for that of his children. Daily he toils to provide the necessities of life, never complaining, ever concerned for the well-being of his family. This love for children, this desire to see them well and happy, is a constant in a time of change” (Thomas S. Monson, “An Attitude of Gratitude,” Apr. 1992 general conference).

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Father’s Day

This is the day to celebrate
Our Father in Heaven
Daily to Him prayers inundate
By all of us, given

Happy Father’s Day,
Heavenly Father above
Hope you know always
We look to you with love

A father is the first one
We look to when there’s a need
We can’t name all He has done
But we can listen and heed

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Father, you are the first of many
Great men, your child will look up to.
A better hero, there isn’t any.
And they love to spend time with you!

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So you want to be a better dad?
Here is a child with some helpful tips
Your name can be known to rhyme with mad or rad
Kids are listening to what comes through your lips

Apparently, what they want and need
Is more of your affection and time
They want to sit on your lap and hear you read
And many of the things that don’t cost a dime

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The honored title, Father, means much to me
As I ponder my eternal family.
Rightly and first is God, in Heaven above.
I am His child, born of Him, in Spirit and love.
Next, is the Father and creator of Earth.
Who, through the Atonement, taught us our worth.
The next might surprise you. It is Adam.
For, his life spent fallen, brought about all man.
Still there are more before I get to my own.
There is Noah, whose ark saved all life, alone.
Then, there is Abraham and the covenant of his seed.
His children outnumber the sands of the sea.
I can’t forget the one who adopted the Lord of us all.
For, upon his shoulders was the greatest call!
Speaking of callings, there is one in this ward
Who helps me stay clean, as in life I move forward
Finally, there is you, the Father of me.
Without whom I would not ever be.
Thank you for preparing me for a good life
As to my father-in-law, I treasure the words: man and wife
Thank you dear fathers, you’ve led me and taught.
More than words can say, I love you A LOT!
For a father is the one whom without we would be naught.
A father is to be treasured and his wisdom sought.

Now, in your own heart, is there anyone that I forgot?

This poem is for the worthy goal of being printed on a program!

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A father is a man
Who knows to sacrifice
He is generous and
Loves to serve and surprise

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A father can do the hard things
For the home he is a stable rock
We oft go to him for blessings
From his duties he will never walk

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