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What should a brand new father have
To maintain a growing home?
But some simple tools ready at hand
That are great to use and own

A hammer that’s strong to build
Whatever needs to be in place
Plus a putty knife and brush
For what demands a patient face
Pliers and a wrench
To replace and restore
A ruler made to stretch
And measure what’s in store

The parenting tips for a father
Are much like the tools he owns
Time and attention will take him farther
Than ignoring what daily grows

See him: fixing, scraping, prying, and nudging
And making the best of what he has?
Father is building the strength for judging
What he’ll need next as parenting demands

What better thing to do for a father to be
Than to throw him some manpower
So he will have all the right tools ready
For what comes after the baby shower

craft card:  trace the tools- a hammer, putty knife, brush, pliers, wrench, tape measurer, and glue them inside a folded paper in the shape of a trapeziod. glue a red handle to the top.


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