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Troubled, by a debtor, and unable to sleep
He plotted for justice, with impatience grown deep
How quick he was to forget his own unpaid debt
And how, through mercy, they’d been paid by a man with depth

Even more, that he and his family had been to be sold
Along with their property no longer to hold
And now he would to not forgive a small loan?
The compassion he had known, was not further shown

In court the debtor asked for time and he would not budge
It was then that this troubled man came to be judged
For the man who had once paid off his enormous debt
Recalled the debt,  and from everything he was swept

Matthew 18:21-35
One who is guilty of a trespass or sin; a sinner. 

legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/debtorOne who owes a debt or the performance of an obligation to another, who is called the creditor; one who may be compelled to pay a claim or demand; anyone 

one guilty of neglect or violation of duty. 2. : one who owes a debt.


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