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In the meridian of time, for the Jews
Midst subjication, murder, and tyranny
They searched prophecies for signs of good news
And grew anxious for the birth of their King

But, He was born to a family- quite common
Who had the burden of labor to bear
How could teachings of forgiveness and love help them?
Threat was a palpable feeling in the air

Because of the occupation over the land
They wanted someone to bring to them justice
To free them from the present scourge at hand
Instead of hope, they saw trouble from Jesus

Still, He taught those with eyes to see and ears to hear
In the common language….parables to understand
He reached humble hearts and God’s ways were made clear
It was faith and good works- that would free this promised land

To look to the world- the arms of the flesh
Only causes battles for power to rage on
Treasonously, they put Him to death
By crucifixion which was heinously long!

He was put to death by them and for them
His compassion and love was expressed
He prayed that they would be forgiven
As, through Him, all mankind would be blessed

Now at this season where we give and receive
And teach our children the wonders of His birth
May we gather with loved ones this Christmas Eve
And seek for the Babe with our hearts, for rebirth

May we hold in our hearts pure charity
And seek to forgive and be forgiven
May we let Him teach us with clarity
His great Sermon on the Mount, once given

May we be as a child and humbly submit
To all that our Father requires
Obey His commandments and recommit
To serve Him who freely inspires


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