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We’ve a cause to have courage
A reason to stand strong
The gospel is a privilege
It feels our hearts with song


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She will survive
For she gives of herself
Her soul so alive
Does so much to help

For women she’s a model
Of courage, style, and grace
Among all colors, she’s a marvel
For youth- a warm embrace

By her works you may know her
She leads the Saints to sing
She benefits our Brother
Her talents, her off’ring

Be that someone
Others look up to
Meekly then become
A gift to others too

When I heard Whitney died
I felt so sad for her
No matter what she tried
With habits, she suffered….

Who can we look to?
On the journey of success
Who has not fallen too?
Filled with purpose- it’s Gladys

Let us pray for her
And all who too might lead
They have strengths to offer
And we are sore in need

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