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God has planted within us
A love for liberty
These times are perilous
In bondage we are hurting

For rebirth let us turn back
To God and search for light
Our freedom’s under attack
And we must do what’s right

The soul of America
Has been deeply injured
We need a miracle
As we now lay endangered

Our Constitution hangs
Sadly by a thread
As for freedom we once sang
We complain now instead

Families, in half, are torn
And marriage is at risk
For wayward children we mourn
The slippery slope- it did this

But the sky still shines with freedom
The clouds promise there’s more
Let us seek God for wisdom
And right this course of error

May our pulpits flame again
And stir our hearts to see
When we’re humble there’s wisdom
Lighting you and me

Re-declare independence
Prepare well for a fight
History’s the evidence
That each must sacrifice

Who will humbly pray?
Who will give their all?
Each and every day?
Answering freedom’s call?

Recognizing God’s hand
Let’s work to do His will
Helping freedom stand
Our destiny to fulfill

Let us pray to be led
By one noble, true, and great
Who has earned respect?
Humbly to take the weight?

Let him not stand alone
May others rise up tall
In truth, to be known
As servants to us all

May they rise in Spirit
And speak with great command
Compelling all to hear this-
“With honor we must stand”

Be of good cheer and sing
In thanksgiving for all we know
Let the cry of freedom ring
And the pledge of allegiance grow

Let us pledge allegiance
To this worthy cause
Calling for obedience
Unto all of God’s laws

Let us raise this great nation
To where it ought to be
And in our homes for explanation
Let us school liberty

Liberty- is will
It’s a part of us like skin
It belongs to us still
And with light will brighten


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