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>Salt Lake man honors veterans for Memorial Day – ksl.com

The gestapo stopped him as he was about to pass
They demanded that he drop his pants
Seeking the evidence of a circumcision
His arrest was but a quick decision

His job would be to cut down the huge trees
To feed the fires for the crematories
His hard shoes were made of cloth and bark
From a dead man’s feet, evidence his future was stark

Each man’s weight was only skin and bones
Side by side six slept in a bed full of groans
Where on the hour together they would flip
Lest any one of them might break a hip

Then came a rucus… they were told to hide
In the sewer, a slippery and slide
Someone yelled out, they were now free!
And that they were alive, it was hard to believe

Each man in the service wept at the sight
How could these prisoners still be alive?
They helped to clean them and sought to understand
And for their courage they shook each hand

The boy… does anyone know what became of him?
Years passed and family found him healthy and trim
What a celebration! So many were dead!
With determination they would look ahead

But…for others their story is retold
That the memory never ever grow cold
Shall we eliminate a color, religion, or race?
No! We are all God’s children- with love to embrace


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