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The writer of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”

Every seed of good desire
The Lord our God does inspire
Planting virtue deep within
Helping us to avert sin

From Charles published work “Hymns and Prayers to the Trinity” and in Hymn number 62 he writes “The Holy Ghost in part we know, For with us He resides, Our whole of good to Him we owe, Whom by His grace he guides, He doth our virtuous thoughts inspire, The evil he averts, And every seed of good desire, He planted in our hearts.” [12] Here in this one short verse we have several doctrinal truths taught to us. We have the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, the depravity of mankind, and our personal accountability to God. This was a vital contribution not only to Methodism, but to modern theology as a whole.[13]



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