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He taught good tidings unto the meek
As one anointed by God to preach
Healing all those down hearted and weak
He reached each soul, purely to teach

But His mortal life was only a prelude
To when the dead He would free
The atonement, He alone could do
Raising us from captivity

The life of a Jew is but a prelude
To understanding what lies before
As each custom does allude
To the Savior forever more

He is Not Here, but is Risen
President Thomas S. Monson
Ensign, April 2011, 4

This has been a special day. I went out to the playground while my class was in the cafeteria. I sat on the beautiful green grass so rare in Las Vegas and read the Ensign. The answer to many months of pondering came in the First Presidency Message and the finish of my book- Jesus His Life as a Jew. He came as a Jew- to those who had been prepared. Everything they knew pointed to Him. By studying the Jewish custom, we can come nearer to Christ. Let us honor them, love them, and be among them as did the Savior.


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