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Heavenly Father
Is touching our lives
Through worthy brethren
With the priesthood of Christ

As a loving parent
He wants us to succeed
Through blessings its apparent
He knows our thoughts and our needs


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A divine course has been given
To the spirits of  Father in Heaven
We are each included in His grand plan
Of love, grace, and the redemption of man

Everyone is covered
Though it remains to be seen
Who cares how much He has labored
In this the Latter Day scene

If ever there is failure
It won’t be because He didn’t try
He offers still the Savior
And to the receiver He does not deny

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I picture Heavenly Father in my mind
Hearing my prayers from above,
Bathing me with warmth from His light,
Knowing me perfectly, with love!

President Henry B Eyring
First Presidency Message
Exhort Them To Pray
Ensign, Feb 2012

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Knowing each soul’s worth
With perfect care
Heavenly Father tends to Earth
And hears every prayer

Ought we not to pray
Out of awe and respect
Each and every day
And of His love detect

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