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I set a timer for how much I’ll watch
As the news tends to darken my mind
I let the good news remain to wash
Filth, to see the bright side of mankind

World news always sucks me in
And glues me, as I question more
So, I set a timer to begin
And decide what to pray for…

I pray over this earth
And the leaders that rule
That each will best discern
And temper powers to school

I pray for those I know and love
And for the rising youth of our day
I pray for light to shine from above
And lead us brightly today
I was pondering how much time I spend reading and watching the news.  I know I have a responsibility to to know what is going on in the world, but how do you channel what you have very little control over? Also, I cannot help but think about the rising generation.  We should pour our energy into our families to help them be wise and productive citizens.

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