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The long battle was on
To live despite cancer
And it was through song
She fought well and conquered

A song is a prayer
It is everything
When you need God’s care
For He is listening


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Follow the spirit, and sing
Knowing that angels attend
Adding to our off’ring
Strengthening us in the end

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Hymns are something to hold on to
To sing and see us through
They express what we long for
And speak to Our Father, too

When my heart would to tremble
And I am unsure of all I face 
Music can gain an entrance
And  be a strength to embrace

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>The beats of music spring life to our step
Reaching within where emotions are kept
Creating power for good or bad to then awake
Some tempering appetites we need to break

The sacred hymns come of the Scriptures
Can calm our minds with peace that endures
Hummed or sung, rich feelings keep coming back
Offering us a measure of what we lack

Soothing us with the love of God unto reverence
Lighting us to Christ who makes the difference
This blessed music can linger well within the head
Such that we feel we’ve been spiritually fed

They can turn off bad thoughts and temper moods
Even to the point of calming family feuds
Whether it be faith or repentance that we seek
The hymns can lifts us when all seems bleak

Hum one’s melody, for inside them lies
A prayer to God who hears our cries
Singing a hymn can help us when we are tired
Inviting the Spirit for they are inspired

revisiting an old poem- that was pretty bad…

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