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I am the Christmas Spirit
I enter what’s not a home
I seek to lift and cheer all
And let them know they are known

Where the dying and imprisoned oft dwell
You may find me there
Preparing souls… time will only tell
Who will hear what I have to share

Where there is poverty, pain, and sorrow
I am there to lift
Offering the hope of tomorrow
And a path up from where they’ve slipped

I am those lights that flicker
Where power does not reach
Causing eyes to grow brighter
From the words that I teach

I am that fruit filled basket
That leaves one feeling fed
My eyes are upon each casket
And upon each prayer that is said

Yes I know life will get better
Ever so beyond the veil
I warm souls like a sweater
And cause love in all to swell

There is but just one thing
I am in need of hands
To carry what I bring
So that the weary understands

In Search of the Christmas Spirit
President Thomas S. Monson
Ensign, December 1987


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