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If today were the last day
That your voice could be heard
What would you want to say
As your final last word?

I love you, I miss you, I am sorry
I would take back much from the past
Only the best words would I carry
From my heart, the ones meant to last

I would say the words that lift up, inspire,
And offer comfort to many
I would say wake up and never tire
Of doing good a plenty

In my life I have spoken a lot of words
How many of them were well thought out?
How many of them were in the breeze, for the birds?
How many, of my character, left doubt?

Before I changed my life and sobered up
Many of my words were vile
Judging others became not enough
To build myself all the while

But that didn’t work, it never does
I’ve changed a lot since then
More so with my final words, because
I KNOW where I have been

And now all I want to do
Is “wake up” more each day,
Heal, and help others anew
For that is the healer’s way

No one wants to hear
Our country is in trouble
Corruption is here
We need to become humble

And deeply apologize to the world
For who we are, we’ve forgotten
Under God, united, we once stood
To lift up the downtrodden

We have been so busy fighting
Along a political stream
That our city once know for lighting
The world, is a distant dream

The wars, bailouts, whatever
That no longer counts
Let’s all work together
To change and surmount

It takes courage to grow
It takes a change of heart
But, we want the world to know
We have that heart to start

We can make it if we love
Even those who offend
And speak highly of
Those who are not quite a friend

We are in this together
This is not a time to fear
For our children’s children, forever
Our unity must appear

I believe that with God
It is never too late to change
We can live as He taught
For on this our freedom hangs

With malice towards none
We can love one another
This miracle can be won
As we see serve each other

We can do the right thing
Life, marriage, school, job
Freedom in truth does ring
And call forth for God

Answers don’t come quickly
Through any single, powerful man
They come through love, simply
As we give up pride,  we can

History teaches us
To shut up and sit down
Stop questioning, thus
That’s not good, we’ve no doubt!

It is not too late
To save our country, true
We must give up on hate
We’ve better words to choose

Thank you Glenn Beck.  In a day when men’s hearts are failing, you are reaching and teaching hearts.  Thanks for reminding us of what a patriot should be!


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