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>In a last ditch effort
To save a company
Each gave up time and comfort
Gone weekends once claimed free

Along with the long hours
Other commitments must be kept
One prayed that blessings shower
As for seventy days he hardly slept

A year prior he had been promoted
With his old job still to do
With naught a raise since quoted
He had been working as though two

Selfless of himself to give
He worked hard, with integrity alight
But knowing the times in which we live
He prayed for an end to come in sight

Then, one day, there was a job post too good to be true
In a company familar- through a boss he once knew
He was quickly hired after an interview
Indeed God does bless, “after all you can do”

Thinking about last night. My husband took me out to dinner to celebrate that I have a week off. I felt a little guilty because he has been working straight for weeks with weeks to go. We were really hungry. I had been cleaning up my classroom till late and he had ridden his bike to work today. I ate all I could and was walking out of the Panda Express with my open plate of food and almost walked into someone coming in. He was a thin man, a little dusty- but polite. He stared at my plate and went in. He had a Panda cup and was going in for a refill. As my husband held my door to get in the car, I told him, “that man is hungry- can you buy him dinner?” I sat in the car and watched my husband be my hero. By then the man had come out and was pacing beyond the store. Rick went over with his hands in his pockets and said. Come on I want to buy you dinner. Just like a father would his son. They went in. He ordered and was very hungry! Rick showed him where the napkins were and he sat down and ate with the dignity as a paid customer. (My husband thinks he had found a Panda Express cup and was going in for free refills to fill his empty stomach) I pray for the day when all men will know the dignity of employment and self reliance. I don’t know his circumstance but he was a good person- not on drugs or drunk and probably would never approach someone for money or food. These are humbling times. I in my chubby body celebrating having a vacation made a commitment to myself to never walk out of a restaurant with leftovers that I cannot share. I knew ahead of time I had too much. I should have asked for a container to put what I wouldn’t eat. From my abundance I could have freely shared. I pray for that man and for my husband to get this job next week. Blessing to anyone for reading this.


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