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In all the annals of history
Jesus is the only one
Who could know sin and misery
Perfectly… to atone

If you could take all that is grand
Of all the days earth has known
You’d have a speck of a glimpse at hand
Of the perfection it took to atone

This is the one truth most worth knowing
He is peace and security
He can lift us from our burdens- growing
Unto salvation with purity

In life it is expected
That we will all fall to Satan’s lure
We came here to be tested,
To find our Savior, repent, and endure

To appease the demands of justice
He stands both willing and able
To extend mercy as we trust Him
And become a covenant people

The One Truth Worth Knowing
President Boyd K. Packer
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There is a Mediator, a Redeemer who stands both willing and able to appease the demands of justice and extend mercy to those who are penitent


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