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>Though your time so small
Made no imprint on this earth
Ever in my heart I recall
The memory of your birth

Sweet infant how you tried
To survive with every breath
And with your last how I cried
Made lonely by your death

Now we lay you down to sleep
To be with God on high
Unto the angels for watchkeep
I know it’s not goodbye

For one last picture, you now wear
This sweet and precious gown
Made with love and tender care
As now, with God, we lay you down

Dedicated to nowilaymedowntosleep a nonprofit that arranges for a memory photo of small infants, newborns, and still borns. One tangible proof that a precious life did indeed exist.

The final kiss
The last touch
No, I insist
This is too much

But trust I must
And I let you go
Unto God, thus
His love to know


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