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It was her beauty that killed the beast
As her scream silenced her career
But she still had her family, at least
Who from pain provided a buffer

Fay Wray’s Mormon ancestory includes my husband

Ancestry of Fay Wray
1 Vina Fay Wray, b. near Cardston, Alberta, Canada, 15 Sept. 1907, d. New York, N. Y., 8 Aug. 2004
2 Joseph Heber Wray, b. Hull, Yorkshire, 19 Dec. 1861, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 5 May 1930
m. Salt Lake City, Utah, 23 May 1900
3 Elvina Marguerite Jones, b. Salt Lake City, Utah, 24 Jan. 1870, d. Los Angeles, Cal., 28 April 1938
4 Joseph Wray, b. Woodmansey, Yorkshire, 11 Oct. 1834, d. Salt Lake Co., Utah, 15 Dec. 1870
m. St. Paul’s, York, Yorkshire, 8 Feb. 1858
5 Juliana Goulding, b. Lincoln, Lincolnshire, 8 Feb. 1839, d. Union Co., N. J., 30 Nov. 1868
6 Daniel Webster Jones, b. Booneslick, Howard Co., Mo., 26 Aug. 1830, d. Lehi, Maricopa Co.,, Ariz., 20 April 1915
m. Provo, Utah, 29 Jan. 1852
7 Harriet Emily Colton, b. Shelby, Macomb Co., Mich., 24 July 1836, d. Tonto Creek, Gila Co., Ariz., 12 Feb. 1884

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