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Largely who I am today
I owe to Heavenly Father
He gave me a family who brought me up
And a Savior who drank life’s bitter cup

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Largely who I am today
Comes of choices I have made
With many days to mark yet still
I have a journey to fulfill

Now I weigh the days long passed
Mine to review, with eyes to cast
To teach me much what I must do
Before life’s end of adieu

Knowing there’s an end to all this
It is tragedy I want to miss
What awaits on the other side I wonder?
Of those who have journeyed home I ponder…

And feel the press of the other side
Waiting for sealings, mine to find
My responsibility to join my kin
That our chain will lay unbroken

Hoping to be foremost remembered
For having linked my family members
In an empty nest, needing much less sleep
Perhaps it is for endeavor, mine to keep

As more names I uncover
It is myself I discover
I have come of much… I never thought
Their lives touch me and tears I have fought

Largely who I am today
Comes from those who marked the way
My ancestors are a part of me
And I want to do my part, my off’ring

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