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Make the brain bright
With channels deep
With knowledge wide
To share and keep

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On Task

You plead and you ask
That each thought be on task
To instill in the end
A desire to win

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Work past the test
And continue on
Serve well to bless
Where you are now strong

The test is not the end
But opens doors for more
As light that grows within
Shines brighter than before

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>Each song we sing
Or drill we say
Helps us improve
In some small way

It might be for Reading
Or to help with Math
Or just for leading
Us on the right path

From the patterns in Phonics
To the methods of Science
Poetry sticks
For self-reliance

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>Learning comes in many ways
As through study the effort pays
With banks of thought leaving a trail
To then resurface if saved well

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