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>Preparing for Eternity.

The weight of inactivity
Had begun to burden me
Cycling in and out of activity
Had become my way to be

Having lived out my days
As only I saw fit
I’d have to change my ways
To truly benefit

Again and again
I had known what was right
But each time in the end
I had side-stepped the light

Now having awakened
To my awful guilt
I’ve sought to be unshakened
And with armor built

Satan- I have told
To get thee hence!
For I have to be bold
To get off the fence

Now I pray to serve others
And pay a full tithing
Desiring what God offers
I am daily trying

The temple is my goal
To be sealed unto my wife
To bear the priesthood role
And bless those who touch my life


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>A lamp that’s lit
No matter though dim
Is for profit
Sharing what’s within

Another can see
The promise of more
Hidden beauty
Come of what lay in store

Once, refined and schooled
Though, now, there is much less
Each lamp can be refueled
And share Christ’s light to bless

Pondering the less active
and the goodness there
Which is attractive
Though dim to share

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