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Before your summer begins
And you fire up the grill
Remember our fallen men
The unknown and missing still

Place a flower, wave a flag
Visit a resting place
Give thanks for all you have
We’ve freedom to embrace!


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It was a sweltering day
Every scent hung, heavy
Here seven thousand soldiers lay
This was seven thousand, too many

The roar of the cannons had ceased
The hills were covered in blood
As darkness enclosed from the east
A colonel arose from above

His bugle was slowly, gently raised
He played what he had just composed
And expressed the feelings on this day
The cry of the lone heart exposed

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The first pitch was all it took
It was beyond her dreams!
It took a second glance to look
For Daddy is home, it seems!

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In the early part of ’44
During World War 2
A miracle came of the Lord
And this can happen to you…
A lifeless soldier was seen
Floating face down in the water
When along swam a marine
Who flipped his body over
He too had been injured
And could only swim with one arm
But for his buddy he endured
They reached the shore without further harm
He bowed his head, as one clean to do so
And by the power of the priesthood did plea
For a miracle to show
And for medics to come quickly…
The doctors were astounded
That the two came in alive
The news of this miracle sounded
Helping others to endure and strive…
Miracles are everywhere to be found
When the priesthood is understood
May this power from on high abound
Amongst the bonds of God’s brotherhood
 President Thomas S. Monson
in the Priesthood Session of General Conference on March 31, 2012

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>When you see an injured soldier
And pity runs through you
Just straighten up your shoulders
Look at him and say, “thank you”

For before you lies a miracle
A special blessing that would not fall
That despite war we may sample
The celebration of life in us all

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>200 years of service
Have come of one family
Who, knowing their purpose
Explain this day happily…

Always Memorial Day
Is the last Monday in May
Where we remember the price
Of freedom…the sacrifice

See the flag raised briskly
Up to the top of the staff
Then for 1.3 million slowly
It is lowered down to half

At noon it is then reraised
In memory of the living
And their resolve is appraised
At 3:00 o’clock with silence giving

See the parades and colors
In every city, county, and State
As on this day each honors
Those who protect freedom’s gate

See our flag waving- proudly, tall
May its symbols ever remain true
For freedom isn’t free at all
And we must remember and show our gratitude

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>My prayer is for the soldier
May he always remembers to pray
Ever through the Savior
The Truth, the Light, the Way

My prayer is for our nation
May we remember to pray also
That together we might station
United…defending the freedom we know

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