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Ever has it been
Always shall it be
Our call has been given
To go forth preaching

President Monson quoting Joseph Smith..


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The Lord looks on the heart
And knows our every need
If we do our part
To great places He will lead

At birth she fit in one hand
And her development was slow
Academics was hard to understand
But she shone in ways most will never know

For she could play a tune by ear
And sign to the deaf
With the Spirit near
She became quite adept

Through a burning desire
She was called on a mission
This truly did try her
As shyness was an addmission

She trusted in her call
That the Lord knew her best
Humble, she gave her all
And let the Spirit do the rest

She doesn’t remember what she said
As a man sat beside her
He asked her about what she read
She opened her mouth, and let God guide her

Proving prepared to hear
The words that she could sign
His loved ones soon drew near
All a part of God’s design

You don’t have to be smart
To serve our Heavenly Father
Just desire to do your part
And He’ll take you that much father

I was watching this video- and saw that the mission president and his wife were faces from the past. My old Bishop! Over 20 years ago!

The world is oh, so small-
and getting only smaller.
Through the internet and all.
And the design of Heavenly Father.

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