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What would you forgo?
You, with the priesthood
For the church to grow
For your greater good

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I bowed down to a false image today
In fact I hugged its porcelain curves
The toilet accepted what I heaved away
And received what it richly deserves

Poor Elder Cox says he will not eat Doritos again….

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California Dreamin’: Monday, July 1, 2013: click on this to go to an Elder’s blog that inspired this poem “Who then is that faithful and wise steward?”

“Who then is that faithful and wise steward?”
But the Elder who learns to be himself
For then he is able to “pay it forward”
And testify of how the gospel helps
Elders, let us know of your life story
Of how you came to know the truth
What led you to be a missionary?
How did your life change as the proof?

In what ways have you grown?
How does Our Father speak to you?
What have you overcome?
When I struggle, what should I do?
Steward, Stewardship – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
That which a steward cares for is called a stewardship. his stewardship:D&C 72:3–5;; He that is a faithful and wise steward shall inherit all things:D&C 78:22; 

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Come catch the wave
Rolling forth to crest.
There’s souls to save.
Rise up you’ll be blessed.

Elder Russell M. Nelson
Catch the Wave

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Two years is a small thing
For blessings to all they bring
Two years is a great thing
God’s good news for the offering

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Hastening Along

Let us build His kingdom strong
As we hasten His work along
Like Peter and John running at dawn
Towards the Savior  let us journey on

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Missionary Message

I adore
And follow
Our Lord Jesus Christ

I invite
All also
To walk in His Light

Of His words
I proclaim:
Love one another

Obey God,
Repent, pray
And serve each other

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