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We were on a roller coaster
Exciting and thrilling
The ups and downs jarred to closure
With lessons instilling…

Of shameful attacks,
Shallow scrutiny,
And slips through the cracks,
All hollow and tinny

Still, passion was there
America awoke, bold
Seeing, all aware
We were about to be sold

We came up short, we lost
The slow purchase was subtle
Basic freedom, the cost
We are flat out in trouble

The New Yorker

MARCH 4, 2013


Looking back on the campaign, Romney said, “We were on a roller coaster, exciting and thrilling, ups and downs. But the ride ends. And then you get off. And it’s not like, Oh, can’t we be on a roller coaster the rest of our life?” 


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Words are cheap
Records are real
Never cheat
Be the real deal

Thank you Mitt Romney for the inspiration.
Hope you are enjoying family time!

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Where do you put your trust

After your last step’s been made?
How do you still look up
When every hope for a job does fade?

You do by sharing your pain,
Who you are, and what you can do
Believing you have much to gain
Believing in America, anew

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Romney, Obama Focus On Debate Preparations « CBS DC

A growing crescendo of enthusiasm
Is following this promising campaign
There’s more energy and passion
The heart of America beats again

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Do not fix on and measure
The total of your sins
But take stock in and treasure
Where Christ’s light begins

See Glenn Becks video interviewing some people who have been touched by Mitt Romney in a personal way.  One who was seeking spiritual counsel received advice that inspired this.

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The Last Stretch

It’s the last stretch of the race
His running mate enters in
With great energy in place
Mitt Romney is set to win

Through a lifetime of effort
Of working and doing the right thing
He now sacrifices comfort
For the assistance he might bring

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Politics Aside

Politics aside
Mitt is a decent man
With not a thing to hide
He’ll serve this country grand.

He may seem a little distant
Like a boss with things to do
But be assured in an instant
He’d respond to serve you too

Like the surgeon behind the hands
Set to remove that cancer found
Where it counts, he understands
He is the one to have around!

Warm up to the idea
That we need this business man
He does not wheel and deal
But budgets everything he can


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