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Sanctify the Lord in your hearts
Be ready always to speak
According to how the Spirit imparts
Offering up hope…as one meek
When the time comes to stand up
Let there not be any doubt
That the world could not have enough
Of good men with good works about
Be courageous and prepared
Stand alone- help others rise too
Have faith- do not be scared
And let the gospel shine through you
…There is ever so much to do

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>Because of faith- each challenge
Can be met with hope and prayer
As to Him I pledge
Loyalty anytime, anywhere

By way of introduction
I have come unto Christ
In faith for His instruction
I oft receive light

Naught from Him embarasses
I want to be found loyal
At all times and in all places
With moral courage- royal

thank you Kylee Holt for your kind words of encouragement

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