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Mother Earth

The Earth received her breath of life
As it spun in and out of light.
Her land a mass, a solid ground
Became fertile,  life soon was found.
As it’s from life, that new life flows
The Earth is alive, her wisdom grows.
Thus, from her dust we came to be.
Yes, she provides for her offspring.
Water wells to quench her thirst.
Just like ourselves, she is two-thirds.
Her inner core bellows with fire.
Her energy flows to inspire.
She testifies of Jesus Christ.
Her beauty shines with His pure light.
Every living thing is a sign
Of her creator by design.

Then, when Adam and Eve fell
She groaned at the weight and fell too!
For with Satan, here to dwell
There is much more work for her to do.

For as temptations tempt and try,
Our own blood cries out in pain.
And she, too, with us does cry.
Then… one day, how she did rain!

She immersed her whole self
In Christ’s own living water;
And promised her all to help
Our God, Heavenly Father.

Thus, she quakes at His command,
And her mighty oceans heave,
Her lofty mountains fall or stand,
And His love does never leave.

Her spirit is all aglow,
As from space, she is seen.
For a sign, she sought to know
When will come her King?
Then the star, it appeared!
And touched her very soul.
Soon angels sang and neared.
It was then she felt whole.
Christ taught of her beauty-
How she pointed to Him!
She grew in her duty
Miraculously, often!
Then, His blood covered her.
She was sick, nigh to death.
When He died, she shuddered.
Perhaps, she held her breath?

Then, she received his body-
So torn, bruised, and spent.
Her burden…was too heavy-
From  her, life too, went.

Darkness covered the Earth.
She reeled and lost control.
This, for her, was the worst
Part of her lonely role.

But, then, something happened-
He arose, breathing again.
The Holy Ghost… hers for sampling-
God had sent to her a friend!

Jesus came and went,
Preaching to her isles.
Blessings too were sent.
She was filled with smiles.
But, the day came- He left,
And one by one the righteous, too.
In darkness she was kept.
Just to live, seemed all she could do.
Then, one day, some came to treasure
Christ’s records which she held.
Oh how this gave her pleasure;
And hope within her swelled.
Many sought for religious freedom.
Yes, she would provide!
They wanted to receive wisdom,
In Zion to reside.
A young farmer prayed to know
Which of the churches were true.
Satan, his darkness, did show.
Then, a Heavenly vision grew.

God the Father and His Son!
Their warmth, the Earth felt!
Her restoration was begun.
She thought that she would melt!

One by one there were temples-
Heaven was coming to Earth!
For every land and people,
There were sealings for rebirth.

As for good and evil, people yearn
She’s in a constant state of change.
She hopes for when the Lord will return.
When she’ll be relieved of Satan’s chains!
The weight of the wicked people
Causes her to lose her strength.
The world grows ripe with evil
While less and less she hears, “thanks”.
She has enough and to spare!
And yet there is greed, hate, and envy.
Pride seems to be everywhere,
As the hearts of men go empty.
Still the church, grows of God
And lights her as never before.
This helps her to give her all,
While anticipating the Lord.

After watching Glenn Beck’s The Man in the Moon, I thought about the Earth and how it is a living thing.  I read many scriptures and struggled how I would write this.  One Sunday I thought about the Earth receiving the blood the Savior spilled.  How horrible that must have been!  This thought stayed with me for a week and then the next Sunday morning, the whole story came to me except for a few edits. It was an amazing experience!  I hope it stirs someone to think as I did and that new thoughts might settle in the heart to feel joy in the blessing of Mother Earth!


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