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After ten years in jail
For but his belief
When his faith almost failed
Hope came of release

A Christian cellmate…
A name that he knew…
Friends… it is not too late!
His ill health helped, too!

Fifteen years in all
Till he was set free
This was a miracle
The church his family…

He started a new life
To live without fear
Sustained in Christ’s light
And was full of good cheer

He learned patience in trial
Hope’s influence is great
Receiving help all the while

Yes! Great things await

Then, was it by chance?
That a cousin found him
A changed circumstance
His father’s days grew thin

Could he come say goodbye?
His father now sought truth
For Christianity, a sign
Tito’s coming was his proof!

The father who once had claimed
His son was dead in his home
Was no longer ashamed
But sought to know his son’s hope!

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