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I’ve started on a journey
To live by the holy word
With energy for burning
Each step uplifts me forward

God’s word, I consume, daily
As one not be consumed by food
I now walk without failing
And my feet spring with gratitude


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Food is not the problem
What is, is how you eat
Why, when, and how often
The salty and the sweet

Give thanks for each mouthful
Wash it down, breathe, and wait…
Of each taste, be thankful
Take less so you don’t waste

I have been visiting family and we seem to eat out a lot.  You can assess what you will eat and ask for a box to go.  Before you start to eat, you can prepare the “doggy bag”.  There is so much that can be added into an omelet for a tasty breakfast.  One time my daughter and I gave our leftovers to an homeless man who beamed over his dinner!


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I used to belong
To an awesome team
I left… I was wrong
I let go of my dream

I lost 30 pounds at myweightlossteam.com
years ago and then stopped the membership
thinking I was done. Having established
healthy habits. But, now I have moved and
am a little older… and with the holidays
it hit me that I have gained 20 pounds back!

Here is me getting back on track…

Push yourself to the limit
Starting today….and go slow
Through baby steps you will witness
Results… long term to know

this is now a free site by the way, and the profile page alone is worth it…

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