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The warning scared
The scope, the breadth
No one was spared
From looking at death

Those who could, ran
For the hills, high
“Grab what you can!”
No one asked why

The water came
Then it rose more
Buildings were claimed
As the waves tore

There was no choice
To swim or sink
Each made no noise
Too numb to think

Hands were held up
In the swift swell
What floats will help
Each to himself

Then, the course stayed
Soon they could stand!
These were the saved
In a wet land

Now to survive…
What did they need?
Help would arrive
First, who did bleed?

A church still stood
They could get dry
They’d gratitude
They did not die

Some sang the hymns
While others prayed
Faith did not dim
And here they stayed

They would rebuild
On higher ground
Hope in them filled
They had been found


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