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I stepped into the word
And looked every which way around.
I discovered the Lord.
He was everywhere to be found!

One who is selfless in service
And squares his shoulders for the task.
Who but follows his known purpose
And, through every trial, he does pass.

As a willing participant,
He enjoys his life and learning.
When called for, he is indignant,
To show God’s love, he is yearning.

He is able to take criticism
And knows when to be silent.
He is a model citizen
Because he is self-reliant.

His goal is but to please
And he endures ingratitude.
His soul is filled with peace
From a positive attitude.

He is observant most of all
And finds nature is his tutor.
As all things point to God
He is hopeful for the future.

Pondering Meekness- A Dimension of True Discipleship
By Neal A Maxwell
BYU Address 1982

I also learned what meekness is not: pursuing worldly trends, vanity, insincerity, uncertainty, saving our “image”, defensive, ego tantrums, demanding, feeling entitled, indulgence, status, being first, worrying about being taken advantage of, sarcasm, pride, self-conscious, persecuting others, contending with adversaries, scorning others, look down on others, speaking down, coarseness, selfishness, machismo

Here is a great site detailing scriptures:  http://www.gospelway.com/christianlife/meekness.php


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At the apogee of His agony
As He lay suffering upon the cross
He cried, “My God, why has Thou forsaken me?”
And knew the pain of a soul that’s lost

Ensign April 1997
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
“Enduring Well”

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