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I’ve heard it be said
That the stocking should hold
Your goal to be read
When next Christmas unfolds
As a gift to the babe
That lasts the whole year
To preserve and to save
His memory near

Where will I stand?
Who will I be?
When comes the grand
Two thousand thirteen

Dynamic goal setting
Is well founded that’s true
But not if your’e forgetting
The spiritual side too

The Savior modeled
The way we should live
For each prayer mattered
Like a gift, sweet to give

So prayer is my goal
To meekly submit
To improve my soul
And to not forget

So on my heart and on paper
I’ve written and placed
From my love for the Savior
This goal I’ve embraced

As a gift to the babe
That lasts the whole year
To preserve and to save
His love I feel near

In my stocking with care
Is the best gift of all
One that is always there
My prayers great and small


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Start with what you know
Study it and let it grow
Resolve to be your best
Pray. Believe. You will be blessed!

Happy New Year

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I used to belong
To an awesome team
I left… I was wrong
I let go of my dream

I lost 30 pounds at myweightlossteam.com
years ago and then stopped the membership
thinking I was done. Having established
healthy habits. But, now I have moved and
am a little older… and with the holidays
it hit me that I have gained 20 pounds back!

Here is me getting back on track…

Push yourself to the limit
Starting today….and go slow
Through baby steps you will witness
Results… long term to know

this is now a free site by the way, and the profile page alone is worth it…

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Why is it hard
To admit a mistake?
To repent and discard
Bad habits we make?

Ever it’s sweet
To change for the good
And honesty meet
Doing as we should

For the new year
And Jesus Christ
Let one change appear
May we each try!

Forgive and forget
And let the past go
That gratitude project
And happiness grow

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