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“If you don’t want to make her a wife
Don’t make her a mother”
Honor the family, respect life
Let her find another

“No wed
No womb”
She said..
No room

People are talking and things are changing… for the family.

  1. No Wedding, No Womb!


    Let’s change the course for our kids and Be the Change we want to see!

  2. NWNW Wants You to Spread Our Seed!!! « Beyond Black & White

    NWNW Wants You to Spread Our Seed!!! Sep 21st, in No Wedding, No Womb!, by Christelyn Karazin. Spread the awesome. Share on Facebook. Be Sociable 

  3. No Wedding, No Womb: Celebrating marriage and two parent families


    Sep 27, 2011 – Just because we celebrate the two parent family does not discount the loving,  and advocates participated in the united No Wedding, No Womb campaign.…. she started her college career creating web content for one of the 


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